Welcome to Ghostlight Studios

Established by Jacob Gers in 2021, Ghostlight Studios strives to make entertainment production accessible to all artists, regardless of age or circumstances. We're a fully functional entertainment studio with artists in 4 disciplines. In addition to providing technicians and artists, we create original content.

Dream Through Life

February 3, 2024 - Virginia Sommerville Sutton Theatre

Dream Through Life opened to an incredible crowd on February 3rd at the beautiful Virginia Somerville Sutton Theatre at Well·Spring! After a number of incredible performances, the crowd rose to their feet to celebrate a job well done of a team of 18 high school students!

An Evening with Molori

Straight from her smash-hit live concert, Ghostlight Studios and Molori Creative are proud to present; AN EVENING WITH MOLORI! This concert film has been carefully shot and edited to make you feel like you were there!