Ghostlight Studios is proud to offer a variety of professional services for hire.

POPULAR - Live Capture

Film Production

Feature & Short Film: We have experience in making full-length and short scripted and unscripted films. Our staff will help coordinate between you and your production staff to make the pre-production, production, and post-production go off without a hitch. We will provide audio-visual equipment, pre-production, marketing, post-production, production coordination, and distribution. All you do is provide the story! Check out Remember. 

*Music Video: Are you a musician or a representative? Do you want to make a video for your next viral song? Look no further! Our team will liaise with you to find locations, support performers, and technicians. We can also assist with music production**

*Live-Capture: Our crew is expertly trained in filming live events and productions. We've worked with many of the Triad's leading theatre companies to create beautiful archival recordings of their performances. 

Promotional: Whether a full-scale commercial or just publicity B-Roll, Ghostlight Studios is here to help you! All of our footage will be licensed to you in perpetuity!

Interactive Film: Take your story to the next level with one of Ghostlight Studios' interactive films. Create diverging story paths and a choose-your-own-adventure-style story. Check out our previous work with Heart of the Woods. 

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Production Logistics & Marketing

Pre-Production: Our production staff will work closely with you to plan and organize an efficient production and release. This includes; creative hiring, location management, costume/properties procurement, call sheets, sides, communications, and more.

Post-Production: (Currently Unavailable) We will provide a full post-production suite. This includes editing, mixing, foley, SFX, and musical composition**. (Note: We do not offer visual effects shots!)

Production-Runner: A production professional who will represent both Ghostlight Studios and your organization on your set. They will be tasked with ensuring that all personnel arrive on time and to the proper location, securing permissions, and supervising crewmembers. They will ensure a successful shoot.

Marketing: All of our Ghostlight Studios social media channels will be utilized for marketing. Our graphic designers will create a suite of imagery to go in your very own EPK (Electronic Press Kit.) We will also send out a full press release to all North Carolina news outlets. Your staff will have access to the EPK to use without Ghostlight Studios.*

Graphic Design: Our in-house graphic designer is an Adobe  Certified Professional in Photoshop, Illustrator, and Visual Design. They will create posters, logos, social media posts and more to maximize your marketing potential!

Distribution and Festivals

Please select one or multiple of the distribution packages below. Please note that distribution comes free with any Film Production package except Live-Capture.

Standard Distribution: Domestic and international release via the Ghostlight Studios YouTube channel, submission to worldwide film festivals, and IMDb recognition.

Pay-Per-View Distribution: Release through Vimeo OnDemand, for a flat price. Ghostlight Studios receives 10% of PPV profit. You receive 90% of PPV profit and all incurred fees.

Festival Submission: Ghostlight Studios will represent your project in film festivals internationally and domestically. In addition, you will receive IMDb recognition.

IMDb Recognition: An integral part to the validation of many movies, Ghostlight Studios is a registered studio on IMDb. Unfortunately, we cannot submit a film without meeting the IMDb "proof" requirements. This means that recognition of a film on its own is rare, so we recommend choosing the Standard Distribution or Festival Distribution packages.

Theatre & Live Events

Lighting and/or Sound Designer: One of our professional stage technicians will design lighting or sound for your next live event or production! Sound designers are all equipped and trained in QLabs audio software. Lighting designers are all familiar with newer versions of the ETC EOS Ion family of lighting console. These designers will become a part of your team, with full cue-sheets and an updated chart for Stage Managers. (Note: We do not provide any equipment)

Live Mixer: A live sound technician will come and mix your show to keep it sounding clean and professional. Our expert technicians will stay with you from load-in to strike!

Stage Manager: Our stage managers are perhaps the most organized people on the planet! They will make a prompt book and call cues during the show. For rehearsals, they will take charge of communication, notes, attendance, and more. Additionally, they will generate a rehearsal or performance report every night to be sent out the following morning.

Technical Director: The technical director coordinates between all of the technical departments (lighting, sound, projections, properties, costumes, carpentry/scenic, front of house, and more) to ensure a cohesive vision

VHS & DVD Digitization

Ghostlight Studios is proud to offer digitization services for VHS Tapes & DVD Discs!


$40 per VHS Tape*.

*$40 USD per VHS Tape up to 3 hours. $7 USD per hour beyond 3 hours.


$15 per Disc

This service is exclusively digitization. No editing or restoration is included in this service. All deliverables will be exactly as shown on the physical volume. Errors on the volume (color distortion, blue screens, and audio becoming un-synched will be left as is. For editing services, ask for more information.

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