Live Capture

From an intimate cabaret performance to a full-scale musical, Ghostlight Studios is here for you. Our Live Capture system uses our multi-camera setup and advanced audio capabilities, to create a stunning, high-definition recording or broadcast of your performance! 

Emotional by Molori

Our live capture is designed to create an atmosphere of reality, and make the viewer feel as if they were living the performance!

Matilda: The Musical

We're theatre people! Our live-capture work was started and developed with musicals! Our new multi-camera situation ensures that you never miss a moment and always get the best view in the house!

Maharaja Flamenco Trio

We work with schools in the Triad community to capture many of the educational and learning opportunities so future students can learn from their incredible speakers.

"Ghostlight Studios is simply amazing! They had a vision while they filmed my performance, and it's apparent in the final product. Not only do they have the skill, but they have the equipment to do a wonderful job capturing precious performances! It was a pleasure working with them!" 

- Chelsea Council (Molori)

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