The Case of the Parking Lot Murderer tells the story of a group of anxious teens who find themselves sitting in a near-empty parking lot after seeing a late-night slasher film and begin to suspect that the inhabitants of another car in the lot are plotting to murder them. Tensions come to a head as they try to decipher paranoia from reality. 

Out Now!


Avery Rosenbluth (Jeff)

Avery Rosenbluth is a 17-year old high school senior who attends the Middle College at GTCC High Point. He was born and raised in Greensboro, North Carolina, and enjoys acting and writing. He has worked on various projects both for short films and live theatre.

Seannie Cahil-Swenson (Liam, Asst. Director, Co-Editor)

Seannie Cahill-Swenson is a 17-year-old senior at Weaver Academy. Although he began in live theatre, he found his passion in video editing and sound design in middle school and has since worked on many short films with Hot Batteries Productions.

Trudy Campbell (Lenny)

Trudy Campbell is a student at Weaver Academy. She’s worked on projects such as Frankenstein, Anastasia, and now, Hamlet. She’s very excited for people to see the short film!

Garrett Linn (Gob)

Garrett Linn is an actor who began his passion for all things film early. In elementary school, he started developing content, directing, filming, and editing his own work. He began formal study of the craft of on-camera acting at age 10 and continues to work on his craft with in-Studio. Garrett is a model student and athlete, competing over the years in soccer, track, and basketball. He is a student at a competitive Performing Arts Public High School, he auditioned and was admitted to the theatre program.


Jaiden Sage Douglas (Director, Writer, Co-Editor)

Jaiden Sage Douglas is a Greensboro-based filmmaker and appreciator of local art and music. He currently attends Weaver Academy for theater. His love for horror and comedy have melded in recent projects “Biggest Fan” and “The Case of the Parking Lot Murderer” 

Gage Winslow (Composer)

Gage Winslow quite literally lives for music — both as a performer and appreciator, who acquaints artists with audiences on stage and over the air — pulling host duties for the Thursday Open Mic series at Common Grounds and through two weekly “Gage Against the Machine” radio programs

Jacob Gers (Producer, Artistic & Managing Director of Ghostlight Studios)

Jacob Gers is a junior in the theatre program at Weaver Academy for the Performing and Visual Arts. He also is the Artistic & Managing Director of Ghostlight Studios, a teen-led entertainment studio. He can typically be found working in a theatre around town or watching The Office (again.) A few of his favorite pieces include Anastasia, Heart of the Woods, Hopscotch, and Ripcord. For more, visit online at